Bylaws of the UC San Diego Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women



The name of the advisory committee is the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (CSW).


History and Charge

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) was established in 1987 and is comprised of representatives from members of the faculty, staff and student body at UCSD appointed by the Chancellor.  The charge of the committee is:

  • To identify and analyze issues relating to the status of women at UCSD, including faculty, staff, and students.
  • To inform and educate the campus community about conditions that affect the status of women within the University.
  • To advise and make recommendations to the Chancellor regarding policies and procedures that will improve conditions for women.

See Attachment A that describes the Chancellor’s Office role in supporting this committee.




Section 1:        Membership is made up of two types of members:  Appointed Members (Voting Members) and Consultants/ex-officio members (Non-Voting Members).

  1. Appointed Members – Appointed members are authorized to vote on the CSW initiatives.

1)     Faculty - 6 slots

2)     Staff - 6 slots

3)     Students/Trainees - 6 slots (These 6 slots shall be occupied by any combination of undergraduate, graduate, medical and post-doctoral students provided there is a  minimum 1 undergraduate student and 1 graduate student and a maximum of 3 members from any single student group mentioned above.)

  1. Consultants and ex-officio members – The following list of Non-Voting members support and advise the appointed members.  Additions to this list are appointed by the co-Chairs in consultation with the Chancellor’s Office:

1)     Director, Cross Cultural Center

2)     Director, Office for Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination

3)     Director, Women’s Center

4)     Director, Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action

5)     Director, LGBT Resource Center

6)     Director, Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Resource Center (SARC)

7)     Director, Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP), as needed

8)     Representative, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

9)     Representative, Staff Association Executive Board (appointed by SAEB)

10)  Representative, WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) (appointed by WISE)

11)  Representative, WLA (Women’s Leadership Alliance) (appointed by WLA)

12)  Representative, Center for Research on Gender in the Professions

13)  Coordinator, Human Resources Work/Life

14)  Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel

15)  Recorder/Herstorian (selected by CSW vote and appointed by Chancellor)

16)  Website Coordinator, as needed (selected by CSW vote and appointed by the Chancellor’s Office)

17)  Chief Diversity Officer – ex-officio

18)  Chancellor’s Office Representative – ex-officio

19)  Diversity Office Coordinator – ex-officio

Section 2:        Voting privileges are granted only to Appointed Members.

Section 3:        Appointment process:  Annually each April, members of the committee will solicit nominations from the campus community and among themselves to serve on the committee.  The committee will vote for their co-Chair(s) annually at the May meeting. The committee will submit the final list of committee members to the Chancellor by June 1st.  The Chancellor’s Office appoints committee members.   Appointment letters will be issued annually by August 1.

Section 4:        Undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral students will be appointed by their respective student government offices, AS, GSA, VC Research, for consideration as student representative on CSW.  In addition, any student may independently submit a statement of interest for consideration as a student representative on CSW.  The voting members of CSW will vote for student representatives annually from among the students in both of these groups and will submit a final list of student committee members to the Chancellor’s Office for confirmation. After, confirming the appointment of these student members, the Chancellor’s Office will notify the respective student government offices as well as the students who applied via a statement of interest.

Section 5:        Voting Committee members shall hold two-year terms.   Co-Chairs shall hold two-year staggered terms.   Extension of terms is at the discretion of the Chancellor’s Office.


Section 6:        It is the responsibility of each member to serve on at least one subcommittee of their selection.


Section 7:        Attendance:  Members (or designee with approval of co-Chairs) are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.  If the member is unable to attend, they should notify the co-chairs. Consultants should attempt to send a representative on their behalf.


Section 8:        If any appointed member is unable to continue their terms and wishes his/her name to be dropped from the register, they shall notify the co-Chairs and indicate such in a memorandum directed to the Chancellor’s Office.  Except under exceptional circumstances, if an appointed member misses more than 40% of the meetings or does not actively participate in a subcommittee, the co-Chairs may remove the member from CSW with an email notification. The Chancellor’s Office in consultation with the co-Chairs may appoint a replacement to complete the committee member’s unexpired term. 



Section 1:        The officers of the committee are two (2) co-Chairs (1 staff, 1 faculty) and a Treasurer.

Section 2:        The committee elects from among itselfthe two co-Chairs, a Treasurer, and sub-committee chairs.  It is preferable that the Co-Chair have at least one year of experience on the CSW.  A quorum, consisting of at least 7 voting members, is required to elect officers of the committee.

Section 3:        All officers shall hold a two-year term with the possibility of extension and subject to Chancellor’s Office approval.

Section 4:       If an officer of the committee is unable to completehis/her term, nominations for a replacement shalltake place at the next scheduled meetingand a vote will be taken by a quorum.

Section 5:        Duties of Officers:

  1. The duties of the Co-Chairs include:

1)     Preside at all meetings and oversee the general management of the committee.

2)     Set agenda in consultation with the Chancellor’s Office.

3)     Appoint a voting member to serve a two-year term on the Diversity Council.

4)     Appoint a member to serve a one-year term on the Early Childhood Education Center Oversight Committee.

5)     Consult with the Chancellor’s Office as needed and appropriate.

6)     Review and approve budget proposal requests in consultation with Treasurer and Chancellor’s Office.

7)     Submit an Annual Report, to include recommendations by the committee with rationale and background information, to the Chancellor via the Chancellor’s Office by July 1 or no later than August 31.

8)     Serve as a UCSD representative to the system wide CSW during the second year of Chair term and the year following the Chair term.

  1. The duties of the Treasurer include:

1)     Record and deposit funds and issue payment for all legitimate expenses of the committee.

2)     Prepare and submit monthly and annual financial reports in accordance with Chancellor’s Advisory Committees/Staff Associations Funding Policies & Guidelines. 

3)     Submit the year-end fiscal expense report to the Chancellor (or designee) to coincide with submission of Annual Report, or no later than August 31.

Section 6:        Duties & Term Limits of Website Coordinator & Recorder/Herstorian


The Website Coordinator & Recorder/Herstorian will be appointed for 2 year terms, with 1 reappointment possible if performance is exemplary and if there are not other interested parties.

  1.  The duties of the Website Coordinator include:

1)      Knowledge of developing content for Blink using the Content management System (CMS)

                                                                      i.     Ensure that content that can’t reside in CMS, is hosted on a VCEDI server.

                                                                     ii.     Ensure quality/appropriateness of content and hyperlinks before publishing.

                                                                    iii.     Consult with Assistant Chancellor of Diversity on the overall look/feel of the site.

2)     Prepare a plan of activities, in consultation with Subcommittee Bylaws & Website and the Co-Chairs, for the coming year.

                                                                      i.     Present this information to CSW for discussion and additional requirements before finalizing.

                                                                     ii.     Develop an effort report and timeline based on final requirements.

3)     Coordinate with event committees, such as the Women’s Conference, for the purpose of cross-referencing events.

4)     Present updates to CSW when the site is updated either at regular meetings or via email.

  1. The duties of the Recorder/Herstorian include:

1)     Take minutes at every meeting; minutes are sent to co-Chairs who amend, if necessary, and approve before sending out to full committee.

2)     Create and maintain an historical account of the committee, documenting major events and accomplishments each year.



Meetings of the Members

Section 1:        The CSW meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. throughout the academic year.

Section 2:        A quorum consists of a minimum of 7 voting members present at a regularly scheduled meeting.  At the discretion of the co-Chairs on issues of major importance, voting may occur via email where a decision may be reached by a simple majority of all voting members.



Section 1:        Standing or special subcommittees are appointed by the co-Chairs in consultation with the Chancellor’s office as deemed necessary to carry out the work of the committee.  The co-Chairs shall be an ex‑officio member of all committees.

Section 2:        Subcommittees consist of at least 2 CSW members, voting or non-voting and may consist of other individuals, as needed, from the campus community.

Section 3:        Leadership of subcommittees will be determined by the members of the subcommittee.

  1. Establish Annual women’s conference planning committee.

1)     Subcommittee Chair position will be preferable filled by an elected member completing the 2nd year of their 2 term commitment.

2)     Subcommittee Chair-Elect position will be preferably filled by an elected member completing the 1st year of their 2 term commitment.

Section 4:        The duties of the subcommittees (Faculty, Staff, Students, Website, and Policy/Bylaws) include but are not limited to:

1)     Make recommendations to CSW committee regarding issues that are relevant to campus for formal discussion and/or follow up with system wide CSW.

2)     Submit speaker recommendations for monthly CSW meeting to Co-Chairs.

3)     Make recommendations on the relevant events for potential CSW endorsement (i.e., funding, marketing, publicity).

4)     Membership (Staff Subcommittees).

5)     Consult with Co-Chairs as needed and appropriate.


Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended at a general business meeting or by electronic voting of the CSW membership by a two‑thirds vote.  The amendment must have been circulated at least fifteen working days prior to the meeting.  A majority of those voting by email may take place instead of at the general meeting as long as the amendments have been circulated at least ten working days prior to the vote.

Revised May  8, 2012

Revised February 8, 2011

Revised January 11, 2011

Revised August 21, 2009

Revised August 5, 2009

Revised June 9, 2009

Revised March 1, 2008

Revised March 13, 2001

Revised June 4, 1997




Role of Chancellor’s Office

Section 1:        STAFF SUPPORT FROM THE CHANCELLOR’S OFFICE                                                         

The following is intended to support the effort of the committee.

  1. Maintain a committee membership list.
  2. Format, print, and distribute meeting agenda.
  3. Develop and distribute committee appointment letters.
  4. Develop and distribute thank you letters to outgoing members. 
  5. Disseminate copies of materials (as needed).
  6. Annually arrange standing meeting locations. 
  7. Provide consultation. 
  8. Provide financial support and training for the CSW treasurer. 
  9. Provide research assistance.
  10. Provide meeting notes identifying action items.



  1. Maintain a Committee Membership List.  The membership list will be kept current and distributed as needed.


  1. Format, Print, and Distribute Meeting Agenda.  Upon receipt of agenda items from co-Chairs, one week prior to committee meeting date, the Chancellor’s Office will format, print, and distribute meeting agenda. 
  1. Develop and Distribute Committee Appointment Letters.   By August 1, develop and distribute appointment letters to new members for Chancellor’s signature with copies forwarded to committee co-Chairs.
  1. Develop and Distribute Thank You Letters to Outgoing Members.  By August 1, develop and distribute thank you letters to outgoing members for the Chancellor’s signature with copies forwarded to committee co-Chairs.
  1. Disseminate Copies of Materials (As needed). 
  1. Annually Set Up Standing Meeting Dates, Times, and Locations.  Standing meeting dates will be confirmed as the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September through June.  CSW ad-hoc meetings may be scheduled for July and August.  A list of standing meeting dates, times, and locations to be provided by the Chancellor’s Office.
  1. Provide Consultation.  Consultation from a Chancellor’s Office representative will be provided upon request.  A request for the CDO to be present at a meeting should be made two weeks prior to that meeting date.
  1. Budget Support and Training.  Funding allocation will be provided by the Chancellor’s Office.  An annual budget report is required from CSW by August 31.   Fiscal training is scheduled annually by the Chancellor’s Office’s fiscal manager. 
  1. Provide Research Assistance.  Provide information on potential recommendations, major campus issues, and policies relating to CSW.
  1.  Provide Meeting Notes.  The Chancellor’s Office will format, print, and distribute the committee’s meeting notes within 2 weeks of each meeting.


The role of the Chancellor’s Office will be to facilitate a clear line of communication between the CSW and the Chancellor’s Office.  The CDO will work closely with the co-Chairs of the CSW to ensure that the CSW’s needs are being discussed with university leaders.  The CDO will meet quarterly with the co-Chairs.