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  • Alison Black, BA, MEd, EdD

    Alison Black, BA, MEd, EdD

    • Lecturer and Supervisor of Teacher Education, Education Studies
    • Faculty Co-Chair, 2020-22
  • Melina Merrie Remesha, MS

    Melina Merrie Remesha, MS

    • Coordinator of Student Activities, Revelle College
    • Staff Co-Chair, 2021-23
  • Naomi Abe, MD

    Naomi Abe, MD

    • Assistant Clinical Professor, Pediatrics
    • Faculty Voting Member, 2020-23
  • Leesa B Anzaldo, PhD

    Leesa B Anzaldo, PhD

    • Lecturer, Mathematics
    • Faculty Voting Member, 2021-2024
  • Rachel Diner, J.D., Ph.D.

    Rachel Diner, J.D., Ph.D.

    • Department of Pediatrics, UC San Diego School of Medicine; Jack Gilbert Laboratory
    • Postdoctoral Voting Member 2020 -22
  • Ruofei Ivy Du

    Ruofei Ivy Du

    • Undergraduate Student, Literature
    • Undergraduate Student Voting Member, 2020-24
  • Lynsey Fitzpatrick

    Lynsey Fitzpatrick

    • Director, Strategic Research Opportunities, Office of Research Affairs
    • Staff Voting Member, 2021-24
  • Miranda Francoeur

    Miranda Francoeur

    • Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychiatry
    • Postdoctoral Voting Member 2020-22
  • Mona Zarei Guerra

    Mona Zarei Guerra

    • ITS
    • Staff Voting Member, 2021-25 
  • Mojgan Hosseini

    Mojgan Hosseini

    • Associate Clinical Professor, Pathology
    • Co-Director of Surgical Pathology, Medical Director of Histology and Gross Pathology
    • Faculty Voting Member, 2020-23
  • Cindy Hsu, MA

    Cindy Hsu, MA

  • Syeda ShahBano Ijaz

    Syeda ShahBano Ijaz

    • Graduate Student, Political Science
    • Graduate Student Voting Member, 2021-23
  • Jo Dee Catlin Jacob

    Jo Dee Catlin Jacob

  • Emily R. Johnston, BA, MFA, PhD

    Emily R. Johnston, BA, MFA, PhD

  • Sanghee Lee

    Sanghee Lee

    • Postdoctoral Scholar, Urology
    • Postdoctoral Voting Member, 2020-22
  • Erica Lin, MD

    Erica Lin, MD

    • Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor, Pulmonary and Critical Care
    • Academic Appointee Voting Member, 2020-23
  • Susan Little

    Susan Little

    • Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health
    • Faculty Voting Member, 2021-24
  • Julian McAuley

    Julian McAuley

  • Melissa T. Miller, BS

    Melissa T. Miller, BS

    • Media Communications Specialist, Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute
    • Staff Voting Member, 2021-24
  • María Luisa Mittal, M.D.

    María Luisa Mittal, M.D.

  • Audria Saravia Montalvo

    Audria Saravia Montalvo

    • Revelle College
    • Undergraduate Student Voting Member, 2021-22
  • Brianna R. Ramirez

    Brianna R. Ramirez

  • Selina Sandoval, M.D.

    Selina Sandoval, M.D.

  • Izabella Sekowska

    Izabella Sekowska

    • Project Manager, UC San Diego Library
    • Staff Voting Member, 2021-24
  • Isabel Trevino

    Isabel Trevino

    • Thurgood Marshall College
    • Faculty Voting Member, 2021-24
  • Isabella Wu

    Isabella Wu

  • Shuang Wu, BA, BS

    Shuang Wu, BA, BS

    • Graduate Student, Rady School of Management
    • Graduate Student Voting Member, 2021-23

Ex-Officio Members

The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women includes ex-officio members from the following units/organizations: