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Tea with ChancellorThe CSW frequently supports conferences and local community events to support the status of women in the UC San Diego Community. 

In the past, we have helped to support events ranging from the annual Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 3K Walk/Run held by Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (CARE) at the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) to lectures on equity and the art of negotiation.

The CSW also often hosts, contributes to, or collaborates with the annual UC San Diego Women’s Conference which brings together business professionals, healthcare providers, scientists and award-winning faculty to share ideas on motivating today’s working woman, offering tips on empowering one’s self, budgeting and finances, and staying fit, healthy and well-balanced.  


Past Events:

  • SAAM 3K Walk/Run, CARE (formerly SARC), $400, FY 2014–2015
  • 3 WISE Events during FY 2014–2015
  • 2015 UC San Diego Women's Conference
  • 2014 UC San Diego Women's Conference
  • 2013 UC San Diego Women's Conference
  • 2012 UC San Diego Women's Conference
  • Denim Day, SARC, $150, FY 2012–2013
  • SAAM 3K Walk/Run, SARC, $100
  • Feminist IT Assembly, $300
  • Girl’s Day Out, WIC, $250
  • CSW co-hosted the Female Faculty Farewell Tea for Chancellor Marye Anne Fox,” in 2012. This event provided a unique opportunity for female faculty to meet and form social networks, as well as to hear the important perspective of a female Chancellor on shared topics of interest.  
  • 2011 UC San Diego Women's Conference
  • Denim Day, SARC, $100, FY 2011-2012
  • Take Back the Night, SARC $100, FY 2011-2012
  • First Annual Debate Competition “Using our brainpower to WIN!” Stronger Communities Through Effective Mentorship, $125, FY 2011-2012
  • 2010 UC San Diego Women's Conference
  • 2009 UC San Diego Women's Conference
  • Welcome Week Fest, FY 2009-2010
  • F.A.C.E.S. Symposium, The Different Faces of Feminism, FY 2009-2010
  • Small group training workshops “Strategic Performance: Theatre Techniques for Successful Negotiation & Presentation,” directed by Nancy Houfek, Harvard University, FY 2007-2008
  • Lecture and reception “The Art of Negotiation: Theatre Techniques for Getting What You Want,” by Nancy Houfek, Harvard University. Co-sponsored with Women’s Leadership Alliance, Graduate Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Research Affairs, and JSOE.  FY 2007-2008.